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What are the forex companies in the UK?

What are the forex companies in the UK?

What are FCA licensed forex companies? I have previously been able to convey the benefits and harms of foreign forex companies. However, I’m also interested in incoming mails and that’s why. British forex companies. A little confusing.

First of all, it is useful to divide the forex companies in the UK into two companies, which are established in the UK. So what is this FCA license? “The Financial Conduct Authority”. “The Financial Conduct Authority”.

We can display IG Markets and CMC Markets as a sample company in the UK. They are recognized and trusted throughout the world. But they are not very flexible in terms of spreads, bonuses. The companies listed in Tickmill, Valbury, TeraFX UK can be counted. Both are one of the licenses that the FCA license is based on worldwide. Even the e-wallets are used as an alternative. They’re in trouble.

In the UK forex companies that have an FCA license. Because of the FCA’s. For example, the Australian regulator is similar to each other. This is an Australian company, but it is an Australian company. There are no English. In these cases, I put in an account. I can say that I have received comments for investors in the UK.

In my list below, I present UK forex companies. You can examine and decide.

1. FXPro

 Regulators: FCA, CySEC

Country: United Kingdom

Lower Limit: $ 100

Leverage: 1: 500

Spread: Low

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FXPro is one of the UK’s forex companies. FCA is among the licensed institutions. Therefore, it starts ahead in terms of trust. In my experience, I didn’t have any problems with my actions. I could easily get my earnings. That is why I am one of the most prominent UK forex companies for my purposes. If you want to open an account, you can simply open an account with the Open Account button.


Regulator: FCA

Country: United Kingdom

Lower Limit: $ 25

Leverage: 1: 500

Spread: Very Low

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Tickmill is another company that I am pleased with the companies that have FCA license. Tickmill is a UK-based firm. They are successful in terms of routing their investors. They give their best support for the right investment. Unlike other companies, successful forex investors have a system to follow. In this way, you can make more reasonable investments. When investing in the spread rates are low, you can enter without hesitation. One of the FCA licensed forex companies I can recommend. You can open an account.


3. Price Markets

price markets güvenilir mi - price markets şikayet

Regulator: FCA

Country: United Kingdom

Lower Limit: $ 50

Leverage: 1: 100

Spread: Moderate

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Price Markets is one of the UK forex companies with FCA license. Price Markets is one of the companies I recommend. I am satisfied with the process. If you make enough funding after opening an account in Price Markets, you can trade with the FIX API in addition to the MetaTrader trading platform. This creates an advantage for those who want to use a robot. Spread values are average. The leverage is up to 1: 100. The lower limit of opening the account is $ 50. To collect; You can open an account.




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