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Washington State Car Insurance

Washington State Car Insurance

Washington State Car Insurance – What You Need to Know

Washington earned the nickname “Evergreen State” for three local parks and nine local forests. In fact, Washington is one of the most eye-catching states in the United States.

But before a natural drive to Mount Rainier National Park or other random place in the state; Make sure that you have the necessary vehicle insurance for your vehicle, as all Washington State drivers must have it. When you buy a car, move or search for the best auto insurance in Washington State, you can start your free auto insurance offer with GEICO at any time.

Car Insurance Requirements in Washington

Before taking over the wheel, it is important to grasp the minimum car insurance coverage required in each state. Required coverage and limits in Washington State are:

Personal Injury Scope: $ 25,000 per individual and $ 50,000 per accident
Property Damage Responsibility: $ 10,000
Uncomplicated Motorist Injury Scope *: $ 25,000 per individual and $ 50,000 per accident
Insufficient Motor Damage Coverage *: $ 10,000 per accident
Basic Individual Injury Protection *: $ 10,000 per accident
Unfortunately, there are drivers who do not carry enough coverage on the road or drive uninsured. For this reason, GEICO provides an uninsured and poor motorized coverage to help you pay for your injuries / charges if you have had an accident with an uninsured drive or if you have had an accident.

Important Washington Young Driver Laws

In Washington State, if they are enrolled in a driver training class, young people can apply for a training leave when they are 15 years old. If a young driver is not registered to a driver training class, he / she must be 15 and must pass an knowledge test in order to obtain a student permit. Young people driving cars with a student permit should be accompanied by a licensed driver for five years. The permits are valid for one year and can be renewed once.

Young drivers who have been granted leave for at least six months can apply for an interim license at the age of 16. During the first six months with an intermediate license, young drivers in Washington can only travel with passengers aged 20 and over. After six months, restrictions are loosened and young drivers can go with three passengers under the age of 20 until the driver is 18 years old.

Young people cannot drive between 01:00 and 05:00 without at least 25 licensed drivers accompanying them. Drivers may have full drive privileges at the age of 18 and may continue to stay free of charge with the intermediate license after one year.

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