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Traffic insurance lock will open British key

Despite warning and support from insurance companies, the government decided to go to a new arrangement if there was no reduction in traffic policies. The state and insurers, repairers and insurance will work as in the UK to seek ways to reduce the insurer’s price by 20%.

Despite state intervention, firms’ fees for traffic insurance, which is compulsory for 16.5 million vehicles, fell by only 7 to 9 percent due to resistance. According to the Treasury’s calculations, a reduction of at least 20 percent is required, but according to the Treasury information, a policy price of 400 TL in December 2015 has risen rapidly from the beginning of the year to 800 TL. On top of this, all sectors that play a role in determining the traffic insurances will come together in the form of a discounted form in England and set a new roadmap to reduce costs.


With the measures to be taken, it is aimed to decrease the commission rates, to reduce the number of accidents, to reduce the repair and treatment costs. In this context, while road safety is being increased, a road map will be prepared to reduce treatment and repair costs. In general, the measures to be taken in order to reduce fatal and injured accidents will be determined. Relevant to the reduction of property damage will also be contacted with repairs and authorized services. The compulsory traffic insurance premiums will also come together with taxi drivers and minibuses who are high.


Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

Technically, this insurance is mandatory. If you get a motor vehicle, you have to do it, or you have to do it, but there is a time to go around without insurance in that grey part of the way. Do this immediately without leaving the place. Although Germany boasts highways, it can be seen how financially and morally dangerous it is, given that there is no speed limit in some parts of the highways.

Kaza Yapmış Araba

City traffic is very complex, but personal car owner is very timely and traffic in order to have a factor biklanli do not say anything by thinking. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, it covers the damage you’ve caused to the other party. You won’t be able to take the risk after you know that repairing a damaged door can lead to a few thousand euros.

Personal Insurance

That’s my favorite insurance. After you start living in Germany, you will understand how important things, especially if they have a monetary side, are and are important. Germans who think they work hard for every penny they earn can’t tolerate the damage they have.

For example, you were clumsy when you were drinking your red wine in a coffee shop, and the wine poured into your White trousers, which is obviously expensive for the individual sitting next to you. If you have a chance, it’s possible to come across an insightful person and close the case with an apology and embarrassment. What if the other person wants new pants or doesn’t want to pay for dry cleaning because of your fault and ask for the costs?

Perhaps the error caused you to damage fixed furniture or flooring in your home and your landlord said they were not covered by insurance. You’re a biker without a bicycle, and it’s covered by this insurance. Or you’ve experienced one of the worst things that could happen to you, and you’ve lost the key to your house.

However, you have learned that it is not possible without the permission of the host, and you need to inform them that you have lost the key legitimately. Your home key is the same as the key that opens the exterior door of the apartment. the need to change the external door lock against the risk, so a new lock will be installed on the occupants of the apartment in compliance with the external door lock, and you will be billed for the loss of the key of the costs.…

She had trouble reading, didn’t she? The personal liability insurance cover such situations that are seemingly small but can be annoying as a result. You can find out what is covered by the insurance by getting information from the company related to the contents of your insurance.


DUI Insurance

You only get one DUI, DWI, or OUI, and now, in addition to everything else, you also worry about the cost of your car insurance. We will not take “everything else” in your life, but we will reduce your worries and guide you through the process of car insurance related. We will show you how to get the best DUI fuse, suddenly you will quote from a very high-level operator, and how to reduce your worries during the journey.

If you have more information relevant to your insurance options and you are only a few minutes away from shopping for car insurance, let’s start with that.

How to get cheap DUI insurance ?
The owner SR-22 is a saving option
How long does DUI affect the fuse?
Rates according to the state (table)
Note: DWI insurance and OUI insurance can follow the same guidance given here for DUI. Often terms are used interchangeably. A DWI is closely associated with a DUI. A DAG is a degradation caused by alcohol; a DUI may be a malfunction, as well as alcohol and prescription drugs and escapes.


How to get cheap DUI insurance ?
After a DUI, car insurance can be expensive, so suddenly you will need to compare auto insurance rates of many operators in order to assess which companies offer the best odds. The impact of a DUI on insurance coverage varies greatly depending on the company. We present below proof of this and the reason why we propose that these proposals are suddenly compared from the operator. If you find that your current company does not offer you the best price, then it’s time to change car insurance companies. Switching is as simple as a competence and requires you to cancel your owned policy. We can guide you.

Company rates and changes
Many companies offer car insurance, but the prices they offer are very different. DUI rates will vary depending on many factors, including the state you are in (see “Below DUI”, see below) so there is no “best” company when it comes to DUI. You’il have to shop. In the table below, you will see that the rates of the first violation have changed between companies.’s analysis shows that State Farm offers the lowest average rates of car insurance. The difference between the cheapest average level from the State Farm ($ 1,633) and the most expensive from Nationwide (3 $ 563) is about $ 2,000. So even with this big quote, you can still save some money by comparing car insurance quotes.

DUI insurance cost: how much is DUI insurance?
Your cost may vary from an average 28 percent increase in premiums to 371 percent depending on your state.

The average cost of a car insurance is $ 2,610.
A DUI means that the average percentage increase in car insurance is 80 percent.
In a DUI order the average dollar car insurance increase is $ 1,163.
Control how much your rate can be affected by viewing the “Rate by State” table below.

The increase in insurance costs is largely due to the increased risk you are exposed to. This applies not only to DUIs but also to other violations and violations that place the drivers in the high-risk auto insurance category.

SR-22 insurance by owner
Own SR-22 insurance is a great way to get cheap insurance rates if you have a DUI and if you do not have a car and a SR-22. The decline in the price is for the reason that you do not have “an access to a car in a compact” and that you only undertake the liability insurance cover. The scope of liability is cheap, because it covers not only the vehicle you use, but also damage or property damage that occurs in the event of a malfunction.

In addition, a policy that does not have an insurance policy is often a perfect way to ensure that coverage is reliable, which is an important factor for future lower rates.

For this type of insurance you will need to call at 844-520-1574. One of our licensed representatives will answer questions you have, discuss your proposal options, and allow you to purchase a DUI insurance policy over the phone.

SR-22 and FR-44 fuses
SR-22 and FR-44 are financial liability certificates that most states require when you get your driver’s license back after a DUI. These certifications are not limited solely to alcohol-related offense offenses. They are additionally related to DWI and OUIs. Your insurance company should file these certificates with your name DMV.

How long does DUI affect the fuse?
Insurance company directors, governed by state laws, determine how much your rates will be affected by DUI convictions. As in most cases of small or large convictions, one DUI increases your car insurance rates for three years.

If your state is holding a criminal record longer than three years, and most people are spreading the charge of car insurance rates for five to seven years or more. For example, in California, a DUI prevents you to get 20 percent reliable driver discounts for 10 years from the date of your DUI conviction


US Dollar is rising slightly

Amerikan Doları hafif yükselişte | Forex haberleri

The US dollar remains quiet against other major currencies on Monday due to good non-farm employment information from the US. EUR / USD is seeing a procedure of 1.1081. The ABD economy added 255,000 jobs last month. The expectation was that 180,000 jobs would be added. The employment growth in June was revised from 287 to 292. Meanwhile, the level of unemployment remained stable at 4.9%. The report showed that hourly revenues were around 0.3% compared to the previous month. GBP / USD fell to $ 1.3034, down 0.21% .Sterlin was under pressure after the Reserve Bank of England decided to pull interest rates down to a record high of 0.25% .USD / JPY 0.72% increasing to 102,52 levels. USD / CHF is seeing a 0.3038% increase in the level of 0.9838. The Australian dollar is on a positive trend. The NZD / USD sees the procedure from the levels of 0.7141, while the AUD / USD rises 0.62% to 0.7664. The traders said the trade balance is expected to be $ 47.6 billion, $ 52.31 billion. Exports declined by 4.4% a year earlier, while imports declined by 12.5% ​​on a year-on-year basis. Most of the trade in China was set at $ 52.3 billion. USD / CAD declined by 0.14% to 1.3155. The Canadian Statistics Office said construction permits were down 5.5% in June, expecting a 1.5% increase. while the dollar index, which measures performance against other major currencies, is at 96.24 pounds.

Traffic insurance policy debate in England

As in other countries, traffic insurance premiums have become a highly controversial issue in the UK. In the UK, premium traffic insurance premiums in the UK continued to increase in the first quarter of 2018.

ingiltere trafik ile ilgili görsel sonucu

According to data provided by Willis Towers Watson and, traffic insurance premiums in the UK increased by 1.8 percent in the first quarter of 2018 to close to 1000 pounds. Compared to the same period last year, the insured paid an average of £ 110 more than the same period last year. While average traffic insurance premiums were 781 pounds during the same period of last year, the average premium was 949 pounds this year.

On the other hand, the British government is wondering how the decision to reduce the “Ogden discount rate” from March 20th to February minus 0.75 will track the trend of traffic insurers.


Car insurance rates rise crazy

According to new data released by the ABI, Uk-wide average insurance fees last year from October until December at a rate of 9 percent in the period, an increase of 481 pounds.

Araç sigorta ücretlerinde çılgın yükseliş

Car insurance for fees paid in the last quarter of 2017 increased again, British Insurers Association (ABI) by Eclipse records the highest seen since 2012 start record.
According to new data released by the ABI, Uk-wide average insurance fees last year from October until December increased 9 percent the DERA humidity there walked out, rose to 481 pounds.
The insurance sector, the rate of pay for car insurance for the eighth time in the last two years of increased premium tax at a rate of increase and landed made rim modifications made.
Since June of last year, 12 percent of all insurance premiums subject to tax.
The change in the discount rate to drivers injured during the accident insurance companies from increasing the compensation to be paid by the party.
The Government will cancel the changes of already discount ora duyursa is the thing: he’s not yet decided to cancel the works entered.
Also known as ‘ Ogden ‘ rate of delarosa in April of last year, Government rate by restructuring and insurance companies had large amounts of costs.
Still in September, the Department of Justice made a statement by the Minister, and with the discount rate plans once again to review was noted. Discount rate and changes to the law, which includes cancellation insurance fees schedule pressure on the hafifletebi lyre. Despite this, some experts comment on the issue, more possibilities to the fall of car insurance don’t give three rejections. In addition, the Ministry of Justice, in order to avoid scams bo yun, a number of regulations in the case of an accident involving trauma to do du. Did the British Insurers Association is Assistant Rob Cummings, ko nu that the descriptions found:
“Car insurance paid for does not show signs of any reduction in three retlerdeki increases. Calculation of compensation payout made about inaccurate, premium tax, neck trauma was shot dead and more beginning to pay ever-increasing repair costs, including all of this cash-strapped drivers STA steps up pressure in. “
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CBT: Core indicators remained the main trends remained high
TCMB: Çekirdek göstergeler ana eğilimleri yüksek seyrini korudu
According to the report of the Central Bank; annual inflation fell in the group stages of the basic goods and services, food and energy. Enflasyonundaki food group annual rise takes effect, while processed food prices increase largely base effects energy enflasyonundaki came to the fore.
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has announced the development of the monthly price report. According to this; In March, consumer prices increased at a rate of 0.99 percent and the annual inflation decreased by 0.03 points to 10.23 percent. During this period, B and C of the index exchange rates respectively decreased 11.95 percent and 0.31 and 0.50 points amounted to 11.44 percent. Annual consumer inflation of the lower group examined the contributions, according to the previous month the contribution of food and energy group increased 0.07 points, 0.16, respectively and the basic groups of goods and services decreased 0.05 points and the contribution of 0.23. Alcohol, tobacco, and gold is not a significant change in the contribution of the group.
Seasonally adjusted data according to three core inflation indicators average monthly inflation tends to decline was observed in the main. Processed food prices negative, depending on the view that the recovery was more limited B indicator. In this period the main trend service group is a relatively horizontal, basic goods continued to decline in the group. Thus, the core inflation indicator remained high with the main trend of slowing levels.
In March, at a rate of 0.53 per cent of the service group prices rose 0.11 percent annual inflation, the group asked by the points fell to 9.26. This decline, transportation and other services to pens was decisive. With long distance passenger transport in highway transportation group inflation depending on, while other services group home appliances repair and package tours welded base effects came to the fore. On the other hand, in parallel with recovery in tourism accommodation services enflasyonundaki took an upward trend.


Main inflation remained high

Annual inflation in the core commodity group dropped by 1.00 percentage points to 13.93 percent in March. Despite monthly price increases in the sub-items in this period, annual inflation declined in all sub-groups, depending on the previous high base. The price increase in the durable goods group was driven by automobile (1.44 percent) and white goods (1.12 percent). In other core commodity group prices, an increase of 1.24 percent was observed due to the delayed exchange rate effects and accordingly the increase in drug prices due to the hangover in March. In summary, core commodity inflation has remained high due to cumulative cost effects and the impact of demand on demand conditions.

Energy prices increased by 0.32 percent in March. In this period, fuel prices increased by 0.53 percent due to the international oil prices and the recent seyrine of Turkish lira. Municipal water prices rose by 0.73 percent, while gas prices fell by 0.97 percent. The energy group’s annual inflation rose by 1.37 percentage points to 8.29 percent, mainly due to the base effect.

Annual inflation in food and non-alcoholic beverages increased by 0.10 percentage points to 10.37 percent in March. In this period, annual inflation fell somewhat in unprocessed food, but in the processed food group. Fresh fruit and vegetable prices remained moderate in the unprocessed food group, where annual inflation fell to 6.31 percent, while a high price increase in red meat was observed in the other unprocessed food group. Red meat prices rose 8.05 percent in the first three months of the month with the rise in March (5.12 percent). With the increase in milk prices continuing, the annual inflation rate in this market is approaching 30 percent. On the other hand, the processed food group’s annual inflation reached 14.42 percent. With cheese and other dairy products, the price hikes (2.51 percent and 1.46 percent, respectively) in the non-alcoholic beverages group, which was introduced in SCOPE in January, continued. In addition, the significant increase in sugar prices (5.49 percent) attracted attention during this period. As a result of these developments, the annual inflation rate of fresh fruit and vegetables has reached 12.96 percent.


Domestic producer prices increased by 1.54 percent in March, while annual inflation rose by 0.57 percentage points to 14.28 percent. Recent developments in exchange rates and commodity prices, particularly oil, were decisive in the observed increase in producer prices. In this period, annual inflation in the manufacturing industry rose to 14.77 percent. High price increases have been observed in items that produce intermediate goods such as long-lasting wood-fungus, base metal, paper, plastic-rubber, other non-metallic minerals and chemical products. In this direction, the seasonally adjusted main tendency of manufacturing industry prices excluding oil and base metal increased to a high level.

When analyzed by main industrial groups, prices displayed a moderate increase in durable consumer goods while the prices displayed a steady increase in energy group while strong increases were recorded in other sub-groups. Intermediate goods prices.

Government accused of inaction as number of British girls forced into marriages abroad has soared by a third since 2015

Exclusive: ‘There is no doubt there will be thousands of girls across Britain who will not return to school in September,’ head of national charity tells The Independent

Laws making it illegal to force someone into marriage in England and Wales were implemented in 2014 and anyone found guilty of doing so can be imprisoned for up to seven years

Laws making it illegal to force someone into marriage in England and Wales were implemented in 2014 and anyone found guilty of doing so can be imprisoned for up to seven years ( UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Forced Marriage Unit )

The number of girls being forced into marriage ahead of the summer holiday period has increased by more than a third in recent years, according to a leading charity which has accused the government of an abject failure to get to grips with the problem.

Karma Nirvana condemned the Home Office for shelving a campaign raising awareness of the practice, which sees girls taken abroad to be married off to strangers, in the “critical” run-up to the summer break – the time of the year when the problem is at its peak.

Speaking exclusively to The Independent, the national charity – which provides training to the police, NHS and social services – revealed it learned of 150 new cases of forced marriage from May to July, a rise of more than a third on the figure seen in the same period in 2015, when it received 99 new cases.

The charity also found cases of forced marriage soared by 40 per cent at the start of the school holidays this year, and revealed it was receiving reports of cases at a rate of two a day in July, more than double the average of 25 seen in the first four months of the year, with 44 cases reported in May and June.


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