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The most prominent car rental companies in America

Enterprise, Avis, Dollar, Alamo, E-Z Rent a car, National, Hertz, Thrifty etc. According to the region, there are a lot of rental companies with local companies. You can reach the price of the vehicle you want in the date range, which each of you would like to rent from the internet site. The most interesting point in this point is undoubtedly the Insurance (insurance) prices to be added to those prices. So do not be fooled by the low prices he sees. These prices are based on the fact that every American citizen has his or her own insurance. At this point you are not a US citizen, you are not an American citizen. Then let’s go into detail.

What should you be interested in renting a car?

First, which of the companies do you want to enter your site. You can pick the nearest rental points from your state and set the date you want. In the next phase, you are going through that elaborate question which is at the site of most companies, which is the age of the question. This is a factor that affects the rent of the car in the first place. There are additional discounts on Lakin 25 and above, but prices will increase slightly due to the risk of being under 25 years old. Once you have selected your age, you can click on the Forward button and switch to a variety of vehicles. These also go from cheap to expensive. I will write it in the same order for your purposes. You will have thought about the types of vehicles before you go. These are Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full Size, Premium, Luxury, Minivan, Intermediate SUV, Standard SUV, Large SUV, Luxury SUV, Premium Elite, Pickup Truck etc. etc. etc. There are many other types of means. After you have chosen the type of vehicle you want, then the system will ask for your general information and you are pre-booked okay after that. Ready to go !!!

How much are these rental fees?

I know the most curious thing is the fees. It may seem very confusing at this point, but you can think of ticket sales as airline companies. In other words, if the type of vehicle you want is reduced in your stocks, the prices will increase, but if there are many vehicles in your hands, they will be immediately reflected in prices. But if you generalize, Economy Catagoris or compact vehicles cost $ 9 a day yes, you do not hear anything wrong starting from $ 9 a day and up to $ 350 a day up Luxury Catagorisina. But normal daily rents are immediately between $ 30 and $ 50, which is actually cheap. But as I said here, there is a fact of insurance that more will be added.

I come to the truth of the insurance ..

In America, you have to comply with insurance for our vehicle insurance and insurance against casualties. As it is in us, it is both legally mandatory and actually logical to be there as well. In total there are three different insurance schemes, alternatively. These;

Risk Reducer

Low-cost and cheapest insurance package. In scope, there are commercial things like 24 hour service, road support etc. as we do, but the most important area is the accident that immediately compensates only the vehicle. I mean Loss Damage Waiver (which is called LDW for short). It only meets the damage from the accident.

Risk Freedom

One package is more expensive and comprehensive. This means that in addition to fully compensating for a low package, it is also able to cover the costs of counter-strikes in the event of a major accident. So let’s say you’re accused in the accident and you’ve ruined 5 vehicles in the opposite direction-that’s something I’ve done. This package is all mixed up with your costs. The coverage can vary according to the company, up to $ 1 million dollars.

Risk Eliminator

Finally, the most comprehensive package is the Risk Eliminator package. This pachy is covered by two others, plus all of the possibilities or personal health problems that are possible for both directions. It’s all covered. No matter how ugly the table is, your mind becomes vigorous. My recommendation is definitely this package. Yes it is a little expensive but again this package will be the most comfortable package.

These packages immediately effect 100% immediately on normal rental charges. So if you rent a car for $ 250 per week, you will immediately receive an insurance fee of $ 250, which will vary depending on the insurance package, so the total cost is $ 500. But I must say it again and again that the most important thing about renting an insurance vehicle is the issue that should be of interest!

If we go back to the rental area …

Some companies have pick up services from your location. If you pick me up in the following address, you will immediately receive a vehicle, free of charge from the place where you are located, and enter the vehicle hire center. Or you can go directly with your booking code, driver’s license and credit card if you wish to go by yourself. When you go, a few small documents are processed. A rate charge is blocked from your credit card. A few documents are signed and your petition starts counting alternatives to the type of vehicle. You do not have to answer immediately. You will want to start with the best of these exciting starting possibilities.

The vehicles are somewhat side-by-side parking anyway. The expense finds all the alternatives spreading out to you one by one, scrambles to the inside to make the doors open, and you decide to make a difficult or even difficult decision.

When you come back immediately and ask the slot where the car is located, you say “I do not look at you” and run out again and look at the car again. Like A3-b27-f18. They say, “nothing has happened,” and they say “have a nice trip”. I am convinced that it will make you as happy as it has been so simple.

You took the key and ran and ran, and you looked at the car, aaaa automatic gearbox. Yes, 99% of cars in America are automatic. Hele hele has no chance to find manual gears on the rental vehicle. Take a decision to hire a car that is prepared for this deal but intense and fast traffic will reduce your chances of developing yourself there. Then the supervisor immediately checks the vehicle next to the vehicle and then asks you to confirm. It is checked whether there is damage anywhere or if the car is dirty and the level of the most informal gasoline is the same as the level indicated in the contract at hand. If you confirm that you have no problems-that I have not encountered-you can go straight to the seat and put your assurance belt on the way.

In the meantime, we have EZ PASS system as additional services like our OGS or HGS system. It is already present at 90% of vehicles. You’ll be on the payroll without any delay, and the charge will automatically drop from your credit card. You can also get a GPRS system. You can rent at a cost of $ 9-10 per day. As a result, you will be able to travel safely without getting lost. If you suddenly rent a lot of times during the summer, go to Bestbuy



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  1. You took the key and ran and ran, and you looked at the car, aaaa automatic prefer Opel

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