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Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

Technically, this insurance is mandatory. If you get a motor vehicle, you have to do it, or you have to do it, but there is a time to go around without insurance in that grey part of the way. Do this immediately without leaving the place. Although Germany boasts highways, it can be seen how financially and morally dangerous it is, given that there is no speed limit in some parts of the highways.

Kaza Yapmış Araba

City traffic is very complex, but personal car owner is very timely and traffic in order to have a factor biklanli do not say anything by thinking. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, it covers the damage you’ve caused to the other party. You won’t be able to take the risk after you know that repairing a damaged door can lead to a few thousand euros.

Personal Insurance

That’s my favorite insurance. After you start living in Germany, you will understand how important things, especially if they have a monetary side, are and are important. Germans who think they work hard for every penny they earn can’t tolerate the damage they have.

For example, you were clumsy when you were drinking your red wine in a coffee shop, and the wine poured into your White trousers, which is obviously expensive for the individual sitting next to you. If you have a chance, it’s possible to come across an insightful person and close the case with an apology and embarrassment. What if the other person wants new pants or doesn’t want to pay for dry cleaning because of your fault and ask for the costs?

Perhaps the error caused you to damage fixed furniture or flooring in your home and your landlord said they were not covered by insurance. You’re a biker without a bicycle, and it’s covered by this insurance. Or you’ve experienced one of the worst things that could happen to you, and you’ve lost the key to your house.

However, you have learned that it is not possible without the permission of the host, and you need to inform them that you have lost the key legitimately. Your home key is the same as the key that opens the exterior door of the apartment. the need to change the external door lock against the risk, so a new lock will be installed on the occupants of the apartment in compliance with the external door lock, and you will be billed for the loss of the key of the costs.…

She had trouble reading, didn’t she? The personal liability insurance cover such situations that are seemingly small but can be annoying as a result. You can find out what is covered by the insurance by getting information from the company related to the contents of your insurance.

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