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What Is The Economy?

In Short, The Economy; in the name of producing live and they produce for the Division of people forms and customers all of the relationships that arise from this action of science.
Avoiding excessive spending, “attitude” as defined. Academic economics books published in France the word economy is often referred to as the “political economy”. Political economy, provide material welfare in human society and economic relations between the distribution and the development of the human subject is a space science.
The definition of the economy, most of the time and effort to the subject area of interest. Usually for the economy; “the production, Exchange and consumption of goods and services processes, individuals and groups of individuals to be examined the actions of social science” identification.

In this article, the definition of economical Sciences will share six different famous economist. As in all disciplines, learning about new economy science science of economy, people starting a short definition will hope. Unfortunately, the science of precise and clear way the economy clearly defined is not a science

Constantly changing and the limits of the science of Economics definition often is a matter of debate. in the early 19th century, a new social science branch of economy so far is defined quite differently. These different definitions of their private life, thinkers, economists and cultural environment, as well as their social, cultural and political events at the time largely under the influence. For this reason, economists are more clear boundaries detection identifies which they prefer.

Search collections soon get under review the word economy. What is lexical sense of looking at the economy, the old Greek for “Housekeeping” or “the principles of a good household” is derived from the word Oikonomia, which means we can see that. In ancient Greek the word “Oikonomia”, we’re talking about “home” and “management” means “oikos” with the word “law” and “rule”, which means “nomos” was created by combining the words.
Famous Economists ‘ “The Economy?” The Question Answers
So a description of differences and economical Sciences width, we think we can get the right answer from the famous economist. Down Economy? looking for an answer to the question, and you can see the famous 6-laborers who define.
1. Adam Smith Economics is the science of wealth. The founder of the science of Economics accepted Adam Smith, the wealth of all the efforts made to achieve economic science review enters the field, he says. Smith’s 1776 was published in this definition as a source for “Research Focusing on Wealth Resources and Nations”. Also, in this book Smith; The economic world is like millions of people with their own labor division of labor and workshops.
2. Alfred Marshall, founder of the Neoclassical economics the economy; “the economy, infinite, human needs with scarce resources to meet existing topics”. Alfred Marshall, the science of economy, providing the efforts spent in the way of people’s prosperity and all kinds of vehicles in the form of a with.
3. Knut Wicksell was a Swedish economist Wicksell; the economy “is a regular occurrence in terms of work satisfaction of human needs and activities”.
4. British Economist Lionel Robbins Robbins, are limited to the possibilities of alternative economic purposes use the relationships between resources in terms of people’s behavior is a Science examined, shaped cookies.
5. Hermann Heinrich Gossen according to economic science, individual German Economist Gossen and society aims to provide the most satisfaction at least challenge is showing methods of theory.
6. Paul Samuelson Economics, produce various goods of the people and the various members of the community to represent them in order to distribute the scarce and limited production customers how they use their resources as a branch.
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