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Car Insurance Prices in Europe

Generali, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, explored the numbers paid to compulsory traffic insurance in Europe. Generali, which conveys the possibility of having many different parameters on the basis of the mentioned change, also emphasizes the importance of giving good price to good driver in all countries.

Generali, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, explored the numbers paid for compulsory traffic insurance in Europe. Thus, he explained how much the country could recognize pricing based on different parameters.

Detailed field investigations in Turkey in order to European countries, ranks last in the 89-year average amount paid on compulsory traffic insurance Euro. At the first of the list is Italy with an average of 438 Euro per year and Italy with 431 Euro. Switzerland was ranked fourth in terms of GDP in the same period. Italy and Switzerland are followed by Austria with € 258 and Germany with 214 euros.

In Eastern Europe, it is observed that compulsory traffic insurance is lower than in Western Europe. Among these countries Slovenia ranks first with 212 Euros, followed by Croatia with 196 Euros, Slovakia with 136 Euros, Czech Republic with 126 Euros and Poland with an average of 103 Euros.

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Insurance giant Generali, the findings of his research in the importance of reliable driving also attracts attention. In Europe, drivers with low accident levels renew their policies during the year and pay a lower premium than the drivers who had crashed.

As Generali Petar Dobric, Deputy General Manager for Strategic Planning and Business Development, said: olarak As Generali Insurance, we call upon all drivers to be more rigorous about reliable driving.

This issue is of great importance in terms of minimizing accident rates and avoiding loss of life and property. In addition, drivers who have not been involved in a random accident during the year have the opportunity to renew their compulsory traffic insurance policies by paying much lower premiums than those who had an accident. While the subject makes the assessment, it is undoubtedly necessary to remember the GDP ratios at the same time. U

Turkey’s generals in the system will be put into practice by giving the best prices, it rewarded good and reliable drivers. New pricing is being shaped according to the customer’s damage history as well as most different parameters. Generali takes into account all the details of the risk calculation of the customers in price determination. As a result, good drivers always pay the ideal prices.

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