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Car İnsurance in America

The first thing you need to do after getting your car insurance is to insure your car insurance. There is no insurance on the insurance or insurance, but the same logic applies here.

Insurance, which everyone knows as a traffic insurance and meets the costs of the other party, is also obligatory here. If you can choose the ideal one for your purpose by exchanging ideas and exchanging ideas with several different insurance companies. It is useful to think of the types mentioned below as separate parts that you can keep in a fuse rather than thinking in different types of insurance. So start from the basic (original) level and add to other items to add your insurance as a sandwich from Subway will create. Let’s take a look at what the bride refers to what.


Liability Coverage:

We could call it the basic level of car insurance. The best price you will get is for this type of insurance and there may be diversity in this. Some variants only compensate for the damage caused by the opposite vehicle, while a variety of types meet the treatment of physical well-being problems that may occur in the user of the vehicle or other persons identified in the vehicle.


Collision Coverage:

In the event of a random accident of this type, the monetary burden of the damage in your car is compensated in line with the insurance.

Medical PaYement:

If you have been involved in an injured accident environment, you will be compensated for the health expenses incurred in you or other individuals identified in your vehicle.


Comprehensive Coverage:

If your insurance is located in this environment, the damages will be covered by your insurance. This concept is called Fire and Theft, which means fire and theft or other than collision. This insurance is covered by any damage that may occur when your car is parked.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

This is an insurance round that some states hold. Your health damages, damage caused by your inability to work after the accident, if you can not use your car, so you can use a temporary rental car to provide opportunities.


Again, I don’t want to say that each of the different varieties we count here is not a different type of insurance. You’re not just choosing one. You will create a package based on the minimum requirements of your state, your own budget, the value of your car, your driving ability, and the variety of those owned by you.

In addition, if you are not in the United States for a very long time, if your driver’s license is new, the insurance fee will change if you are small. Naturally, as the power to compensate for different situations within your insurance increases, the cost of the insurance will increase. I think it is not right to make a random offer.

Example coverage (insurance coverage plan) you can see in the picture. If you have an insurance as in this example, you will be covered by a car accident in the case of a random car accident where the counterparty will incur the costs associated with the car, if there is a physical injury, the costs will be covered. you will be able to take advantage of the car towing service for free.


Finally, I would like to draw attention to a matter. When you make a direct call from the internet, you will see many different insurance companies, ask for their information and give you prices. However, you will notice that the first prices they give change when you call for an agreement (a simple method of attracting customers). In this sense, do not give your information to each site. Prominent and well-known insurance companies such as Farmers, Allstate, Geico can access their website and request price information. They will give you the price and give you the address of the nearest officers

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